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Monnaie builders and developers stepped into the house construction industry with much inspiration from its parenting firm Monnaie Architects & Interiors.

We have the legacy of completing more than 4000 plus house Construction projects in and outside Kerala by revolutionizing the concepts of architecture planning, interior designing, interior furnishing, and turnkey constructions. We leap forward by holding strong to our ethics which focus on client satisfaction, innovative engineering techniques, and quality execution of projects on time. Today, with our persistence, hard work, and uniqueness, we have become one of the best builders in Kerala with a huge client base. We have now extended our services to Cochin, Palakkad, Thrissur, Trivandrum, Kottayam, and to all other districts which makes us the best Construction Company in Kerala.

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We value our clients more than anything else and realize how important the budget is to them. A huge number of our clients wanted best house Construction service in Kerala with low budget home Construction and we have rendered the same without compromising on quality.

Why Choose Us

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Detailed designs & drawings

Detailed designs and drawings are provided to the clients to get a complete picture of the concept, design, and execution strategies. Monnaie Developers is the best professional builders & developers in Kerala, the practical viabilities of those designs will be assessed right in the design phase itself.

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Transparency on cost

The detailed and area-wise cost of the entire home Construction project inclusive of the material specifications will be provided to the client. This is one reason why we have leaped to become one of the best house construction firms in Palakkad Kerala.

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Budget friendly approach

Most service providers find it difficult to fit into the client’s budget and requirement-friendly house Construction and this is where we stand unique. We make sure the project is completed within the defined budget without compromising on quality.

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Systematic Approach

Being the leading builders & developers in Kerala, everything we do in house Construction, from design to execution is properly strategized throughout the process. Interior designing is made prior to the construction phase to avoid complications. Full documentation will be provided.

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Technical Support

Technical assistance is a vital role in the present day world taken over by the internet and telephone storm. Monnaie builders and developers provide amazing support to customers with the help of our team of experts in the house construction projects.

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Highly qualified professionals

Our team comprises professionals having immense expertise in house construction contractors. Every phase of design and house construction will be designed and monitored by them and our customers get to know the best of everything in the industry with their guidance.

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Experienced Manpower

Forecasting skilled-manpower need for making best house Construction and more practical knowledge is possible only with proper experience is essential and having house Contractors in all fields of our house construction work. We became one of the best builders and Best House Construction in Palakkad and the No.1 House Construction Company in Kerala because of our skilled and experienced workforce.

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Customer Satisfaction

Monnaie developers became the best residential home builders & Construction Companies in Kerala, with customer satisfaction, ensured at all phases of our projects. The client’s budget & requirements are our top preferences and everything from the colors used to the materials used will be as per the taste and budget of the client’s concept.

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Technology Updated

Moving forward can be made possible only with the help of new technology. So getting updated on the latest technologies is a must thing and as builders in India,  we follow that strictly. Everything from designing to execution will be done using the latest techniques in the day-to-day house construction and residential Projects. and that’s why Monnaie Developers became Best House Construction in Palakkad

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